Psoriasis Diet – a Natural Psoriasis Treatment

What is the Psoriasis Diet

Can a Psoriasis Diet Cure Psoriasis?

Inverse psoriasis is an uncommon condition that looks similar to rashes or to the standard psoriasis. It does not appear on exposed areas but instead occurs in skin folds such as creating an itchy armpit or groin rash. Although there are different medicines that can treat inverse psoriasis, a natural psoriasis treatment already exists– the psoriasis diet.

Theory Behind the Psoriasis Diet

What you eat, whether is an acid- or alkaline- forming food, is what determines the kinds of bacteria that stay in your gut. Eating acid-producing food has a tendency for a higher level of harmful bacteria to reside in your gut rather than the good types of bacteria. It is vital to replace those probiotic bacteria with a supplement such as Align Probiotic Supplement.

There are also some types of food that are harder to digest. The stomach requires more work thus producing more acid, which in turn increases the number of harmful bacteria. Direct damage to the gut walls may even occur. Another factor that causes secretion of more stomach acid is stress. This also creates additional damage.

Over time, the intestines become “leaky” due to the sustained damage. Because of this, toxins from the food we eat and other proteins are directly distributed into the body without being digested first. The immune system then increases the level of inflammation in response to these toxins. If this continues, the person involved might develop chronic illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, heart disease, or cancer.

People with psoriasis are most likely to have defective immune systems, and their diet might make the disorder worse. Discovering a natural psoriasis treatment by changing to a psoriasis diet will allow for the gut to heal reducing the level of inflammation.

The Psoriasis Diet

To prevent or treat psoriasis naturally, you must eat a wide variety of whole grains, high fiber food, fresh vegetables and fruits. Intake on food with sugar and white flour must be drastically reduced. Animal foods such as meats, eggs, milk products, and shellfish must be taken at a little amount (except for freely-swimming fish). Fat consumption, especially saturated fats, must be reduced.

You must also determine the types of food that you are intolerant to or have an allergy of and stay away from them. For people with psoriasis, the common food that poses problems is wheat (due to the presence of gluten), nightshades, and citrus fruits.

In addition, chew your food properly as this keeps your stomach acid down. Avoid chlorinated water because chlorine kills some good gut microbes. Eat good food and try not to get yourself hungry.

Managing Psoriasis

For people suffering from psoriasis, they must maintain this diet for about 6 months for substantial healing. The Psoriasis Dietis a healthy lifestyle that also helps strengthen the immune system and avoid “leaky” guts. You might even gain more than just being free of inverse psoriasis by having a healthy body with this natural psoriasis treatment.

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