What Is Inverse Psoriasis

What is Inverse Psoriasis?

Got itchy armpits?

So perhaps you’ve just gotten the diagnosis and you are wondering what is inverse psoriasis? Most skin conditions are typically contagious and viewed as a source of infection. Inverse psoriasis, even though this itchy red rash affects people worldwide, does not fall under this category.

Inverse Psoriasis: Where It’s Found

There are various types of Psoriasis. One type of this disease is Inverse Psoriasis, which is categorized as a non infectious, auto immune disease that generally affects the skin folds all over the body and causes problems such as armpit rash, rash under the breasts, groin rash, a rash on your butt and genital rash. These are the parts of your body that are always subjected to irritation due to frequent rubbing and excessive sweating. The cause of Inverse Psoriasis is believed to be genetic and is also assumed to be a stress related condition. The immune system, if triggered speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells therefore causing an Inverse Psoriasis rash.

Inverse Psoriasis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and sudden withdrawal of corticosteroids are triggering factors that cause Inverse Psoriasis. Some medications are also believed to trigger inverse psoriasis outbreaks. Among these drugs are Lithium which is used to treat manic depression and some anti malarial drugs used to prevent and treat malaria. Being remarkably overweight with deep skin folds also increases your possibility of acquiring inverse psoriasis.

Inverse Psoriasis appears in skin folds of the body. Unlike the other types of psoriasis, which typically appear as a red scaly rash occurring on the joints, elbows and knees, inverse psoriasis is characterized by smooth, deep red and glistening patches but with the absence of scale. The itchy rash in your skin folds is often tender and has creases in the center of the fold that may crack open. Because it is usually in the unexposed areas of the body, inverse psoriasis produces debilitating pain and itching.

There are various treatmens for inverse psoriasis. These include a better diet and over the counter topical treatments like medications such as hydrocortisone. These are often not the best way to cure inverse psoriasis as they simply add moisture to an already too moist area on your body.

Another inverse psoriasis cure is water therapy. This is the combination of sea salts and water used to clean pores and detoxify the body. Another important factor in treating your inverse psoriasis is reducing your stress. Stress can be a big factor as it leads to depression which creates even more psoriasis lesions in your skin folds, the onset of limited mobility, and disfigurement. The resulting lack of self esteem from having itchy ugly rashes all over your body has a powerfully negative effect on overall mental health.

What is Inverse Psoriasis really?

The one thing Inverse Psoriasis should not be considered is contagious. You can not contract any type of psoriasis from skin on skin contact. You can’t get it from touching doorknobs or anything a psoriasis sufferer has come in contact with. It is simply the body overproducing skin cells. You can expect psoriasis flare ups that last a couple weeks all the way up to a few months depending on your health and levels of stress.

One important thing to know about inverse psoriasis is that it is a lifelong condition, but it really doesn’t have to be. By using the right kind of supplements, psoriasis skin creams, a proper psoriasis diet and some secret knowledge on how to cure psoriasis for life, you should be able to clear up your inverse psoriasis and never have it come back again!

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